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Our mission


To offer an authentic Montessori education, based on the principles, methods, and activities of Maria Montessori. To develop and nurture a child's love of learning and sense of social and personal responsibility.To offer a strong academic curriculum based on the Montessori Philosophy fostering self-esteem, independence, empathy and social consciousness.



1. For our students to be:

  • Safe, happy, self-motivated, and excited about learning
  • Kind and helpful to others
  • Respectful, responsible, and tolerant of differences
  • Caring towards living things and the environment
  • Able to articulate their needs and meet their full academic potential
  • Independent, inquisitive and self-directed


2. For our teachers to be:

  • Caring, happy, loving, and effective in their work with children, fellow staff and parents

  • Loyal to one another, our school, and the Montessori Philosophy

  • Role models who are positive, energetic, and excited to serve every day

  • Dedicated to their own personal and professional growth

  • Respectful, kind and able to clearly communicate their needs on behalf of the children

  • Contributing and creative members of the whole school team

  • Able to place the well-being of children first and function as strong advocates for children


3. For our parents to be:

  • Willing to believe in their child and show faith in their innate ability

  • Supportive of the Montessori Philosophy, and committed to our staff and school community

  • Motivated to learn and grow as caregivers and open to feedback and recommendations

  • Involved in their child’s education and school

  • Able to communicate their needs on behalf of their child’s learning

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