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Elementary program (6-12 years old)
Korat Montessori started the first Montessori Elementary program  (6-12) in 2019. The Elementary program is a great opportunity for families with school-aged children to continue with the same nurturing, whole-child environment in which younger children are thriving. The Elementary program serves mixed-age 6 to 9-year-old and 9 to 12-year-old groupings. Lessons are typically presented to small groups of children, who are then free to follow up with independent work of their own as interest and personal responsibility dictate.
The scope of lessons and work in the Elementary classroom is quite broad. Montessori used the term "cosmic education" to indicate both the universal scope of lessons to be presented, and the idea that education in the second plane should help the child realize the human role in the interdependent functioning of the universe. Classroom materials and lessons include work in language, mathematics, history, the sciences, the arts, and much more.
Emphasis is put on fluency, comprehension, correct grammar, creative writing, and the use of references both in the school and the community. The children write and perform plays for their own amusement. All of this is interrelated with the other "core" subjects.
Continuing from the preschool foundation, all concepts are introduced with concrete materials-from basic operations through squaring, cubing, prime factors, square roots, geometry, and algebra. All concepts are given when the child is ready and not at a given chronological age.
The Culture area is one of the favorites. The children actually participate in their learning and link all cultural aspects together. They look at earth in geography and link social and economic development with the physical geography that affects it. Science may be enhanced by a specialist doing experiments with the children-again, hand-on involvement is used with the students. The classroom may contain a wide variety of animals for the children to study and take care of.
Art, music, and physical education vitalize the already integrated Montessori elementary prepared environment. Art projects are natural extensions of classroom work. For example, a child may make a tapestry of geometric figures, a three-dimensional salt map of a continent, or a mural of Colonial life. All of these projects reinforce and expand academic skills and artistic sensitivities. The schools may have annual art shows and musical performances.
Music activities complement the child's work. National anthems, folk songs, and historical ballads key into the social studies areas, for instance. Writing music and plays provides occasion for dramatic integration of the arts-drama, speech, painting, and literature.
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