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Korat Montessori was founded by Raweekan and Stanton, a Thai-South African married couple who after the birth of their daughters set out to home-school and raise their daughters from birth inspired by Montessori principles of child

Under the guidance of an AMI certified guide, we are committed to offer a child- centered education, based on the principles, methods, and activities of Maria Montessori. We are passionate about early education, and want to
ensure each child is getting the very best.

Korat montessori is pleased to share with families the gift of an authentic Montessori education. 

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Please take a moment and find out more about our dedication to children and their Montessori education under the guidance of a team of Montessori trained educators.   All trained assistants undergo specific Montessori Training both in-house and from independent trainers so that consistency is achieved throughout all programs. The language of instruction is English.  We offer a comprehensive English language immersion program which is the most effective way to help children speak English fluently.

The Montessori method is a way of preparing children to grow up to be happy, confident adults who make positive contributions to the world around them.  Our team is dedicated to provide a truly child centered education, according to the Montessori philosophy. 

Our  Programs

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